Migration of PSAD-ACOS to the E2M Customs Transshipment System discharged at all Ports (09.08.2014)


Dear Valued Clients:

In reference to the email sent by Nomie Gonzales/BOC Chief Technical Support Division last Sunday, August 31, 2014,she mentioned that the BOC Transshipment under PSAD-ACOS will be migrated to the e2m Transshipment (e2m-TSS), using the8ZN__8 as Model of Declaration.
To comply with the Customs Oder, the following shall immediately be undertaken to be able to lodge using the e2m Customs Transshipment System:

  1. Under the Customs Memorandum Order 39-2008, all BOC clients and stakeholders (i.e. importer, brokers, etc.) shall be registered with the e2m Customs Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) by electronically submitting their data and information through their accredited Value Added Service Provider (VASP). If you are not yet registered with CPRS, we recommend that you immediately fill-up the CPRSForm. Please download the CPRS-Importer form in the EKonek website ( Encode the required data in the CPRS form and attach the necessary scanned/digitized signatures, photos and e-mail the duly accomplished form back to the and as soon as possible. Upon receipt of the accomplished CPRS Form, we will immediately prepare and lodge your CPRS Application for sending and processing by PEZA/AFAB/CDC/SBMA and BOC.
  2. Also, under DOF 33-2014 & BOC CMO 11-2014, to be able to use BOC E2M , all Importers and Brokers will need to acquire BIR Importer Clearance Certificate (ICC) & Broker Clearance Certificate (BCC). For Zone Locators/Importer you need to acquire first the BIR ICC and then process your BOC Importer Accreditation/CPRS Registration.
  3. The payment system for the BOC Cargo Transfer Fee (CTF) have two options:
  1. Payment Abstract Secure System version 5 (PASS5) - to be able to open an Account, the Certificate of Registration (COR) with            Customs Client Number (CCN) is required by the Bank in order to secure   the Bank Reference Number (BRN) from any of the Authorized Agent        Bank (AAB).
  2. Pre-Payment Account System– the Broker or Importer shall open and maintain a Pre-payment Account in any Customs Cash Division.          The fund will be deposited at the Landbank of the Philippines, the        designated BOC In-house Bank. See attached draft CMO on the     Guidelines in using Pre-Payment Account in the e2m Transshipment         System.
This Pre-payment Account is Applicable to the e2m Transshipment     Port to Port  using mode of Declaration 8PP and e2m Transshipment      Port to Economic Zones using mode of Declaration 8ZN.  The      Prepaid Account can be used to allPorts where E2M is operational.      See attached Draft CMO guidelines in using the Pre-payment Account of e2m TSS. We will issue the Final CMO once available.

  1. Importers shall apply for the General Transportation Surety Bond (GTSB) through any of the BOC-accredited insurance (surety bond) companies.
  2. Brokers must be EKonek enrolled. Please accomplish the attached E-Konek VASP Enrollment and send to enrollment@ekonek.comtogether with your BIR Form 2303.


E-KonekPilipinas, Inc. would like to ensure a smooth transition of the PSAD-ACOS to the e2m Customs Transshipment System (TSS). As early as now, we want to make sure that all our valued clients are thoroughly prepared before the migration is implemented. Please email if you need further training assistance. 
To date, there is no definite date of implementation. This is to give more time for Brokers and Locators to fulfill the requirements of the BIR ICC/BCC.

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